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Hi, my name is Cim and I'm a Licensed Nia Dance Teacher and I work with women to help them feel really good about themselves and their bodies, using dance and movement. I help them Re-Discover their Sparkle for life.

A big part of finding your Sparkle is to get from your head (mind) and more into your body, what I call "Feel comfortable in your body" and I use the Nia Dance Movement Technique in my workshops and dance classes as one of the tools to help you do that. It's great fun!

To register for a Nia dance class


Where: All classes at First Dance Studios in Woking

Investement: Drop-in class £9, or £40 for a  6-class voucher, for Woking classes. Horsell classes on Fridays £9 drop-in and £80 for a 10-class voucher. 


  • Mondays:             18:00 - 19:00
  • Wednesdays:      10:00 - 11:00
  • Fridays                 11:30 - 12:30

What is Nia dance?

Nia dance is a holistic and mindful exercise given in informal dance classes.  Nia dance is a fun and motivational way to keep fit and feel more invigorated.

Below is a promotional Nia dance video, where people share their experiences.

As the name suggests, Nia involves dance movements, but also includes kicks, shakes, stretches, and most likely some laughter as well. The moves in Nia dance come from the Nia Technique, which takes inspiration from dance, martial arts, and healing arts (such as yoga), to create a dynamic fitness and lifestyle practice that changes how you experience your body and exercise.

And the great thing about it is anybody can do it; from beginner to athlete.

In my Nia dance classes and Sparkle Workshops, I teach you to focus on physical sensation, what do you feel and sense in your body, with the intention to get to know your body better.

Through learning the various Nia dance moves incorporated into fun routines accompanied by invigorating music, you will learn to listen to the signals your body gives you and respond to them in a way that will bring more freedom to you, through Nia dance movements.

Why Nia Technique movement & dance and Sparkle?

When I started Re-Discover Your Sparkle it was after many years of being a conventional life coach. I realised that to have that Sparkle – energy, natural charisma and drive - it is very important to be comfortable in our bodies. In my Sparkle Workshops, Shimmynars and Sparkle Gyms, I always used exercises and other physical techniques as part of this.

When I discovered the Nia Dance Technique I knew right away that it fitted perfectly with the "Feel comfortable in your body" requirement. It is based on movements, but the blend of disciplines Nia draws from means it is so much more than a fitness class. It really is about body awareness. And because each participant can choose their own level of activity, it suits all levels of fitness.

If you want to read more about the background of Re-Discover Your Sparkle, click here.

Tell me more…

When you take part in a Nia dance class, you will learn to be more aware of your body, and be able to more easily interpret what it is telling you. As a natural consequence of this, and with the breathing and stillness techniques I teach, you will feel more comfortable in your body, experience hightened pleasure and a lust for life – a great basis for your Sparkle.

I run a weekly Nia dance class in Woking, Surrey. Each class is one hour long.

When you register you will get detailed information via email about the class, address, what to wear, etc.

I'm looking forward to seeing you.


PS - the videos below are professional videos to showcase what Nia dance is - so my classes aren't as perfect and choreographed as this, I promise! Come along and find out for yourself!