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Cim Bartlett is the founder of Rediscover your Sparkle.


Do you ever feel like life is not so much fun any more? Your energy Sparkle has gone missing? I did, but I found a way to get it back. I’m Cim Bartlett and I’m here to help you get your Sparkle back too. 

Helping People Move, Look and Feel Better.

Feel Free and Youthful again

I am about Sparkle in mind, body and in life. It's hard to define what Sparkle is but perhaps you know it best when it goes. When I have my sparkle I feel free, unstoppable.

My journey to back to Sparkle after serious illness included mindful health and fitness through dance and movement practices. Yours could be many different things. Mind-set is vital, though. If you have the right attitude it's hard to knock you off course. In good health, with mind and body connected, you move through life with grace. You know what you want and have the energy to be who you really are. It is your Sparkle.

I can help reignite the spark in you.  Get in touch to set up a call to have a chat. Fill in your contact details below and we'll talk very soon.

For years I have worked on finding my Sparkle and keep it going, and I know now what I need to be able to do that.

There are three areas to work on to live a life full of Sparkle, to feel really good about yourself from inside and out:


Your mind-set, that is, your attitude, assumptions and beliefs. Be more aware how your mind is working. Is it working for you or against you?


Leading on from having a mind-set of being more aware, the same goes for your body, and that is to nourish yourself and exercise with mind of awareness, or mindfulness.  Have your body work for you.


Improving my mind-set and getting fit and healthy is a life-long journey and I really enjoy it, but it doesn’t bring me financial satisfaction. My main aim now is to earn an income that gives me more time and money freedom. 

Jeunesse Global products help me keep my Sparkle and allow me to share it

I am so glad to have discovered Jeunesse products. They support my sparkle, helping me look and feel more youthful. I don't feel "on the wrong side of 50" any more. Jeunesse Global's astonishing, award-winning skincare products and breakthrough nutrition  supplements help keep me looking and being fit and healthy, inside and out. And working through Jeunesse as company it is my goal to be financially free, and I know I can do it.

And if that sounds like something you could do with too, I can make you sparkle. Or rather, I can make you sparkle again. Join me and be part of Jeunesse Global. I will coach you in Sparkle: Mind, Body and Life.

Journey back to Sparkle with Jeunesse

My journey began when I had a kidney transplant in 2004. My health had been slowly getting worse for years. I felt really unwell and my Sparkle had gone. The lively, confident me was nowhere to be found. Even though my Sparkle returned after the relief of a successful transplant, within five years it was gone again. I realised that it’s not enough to ‘just’ be well to keep that spark going. I needed to do something else.

So I made a decision: to do what it takes to live my life full of Sparkle, feeling, looking and being fit and healthy - inside and out. I knew, as I approached 50, it wasn’t going to happen on its own.

Now, in my mid-fifties, I’ve never felt so good. And now it’s time for me to share my Sparkle so you can have a life of Sparkle too. Have a healthy and fit BODY and MIND, and live the LIFE you want.


About Jeunesse Global

In 2014 I was introduced to Jeunesse Global, an award-winning, record-breaking company. It was just perfect for me and the last piece in the picture for my Sparkle. Their brilliant products suit my nutrition and skincare needs and sharing them suits my goals as an independent businesswoman. It meant, to live the life I want, I didn’t have to invent something myself.

Jeunesse Global products add up to a youth enhancement system that not only slows down the aging process but also makes you feel and look really good. With Jeunesse Global I can both feed and nurture my Sparkle and share my passion to help others achieve their goals for MIND, BODY and LIFE.

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Get the Sparkle

I am looking for people (it does't have to be women) to join me in a life of Sparkle. Are you ready to live your life full of vitality, be fulfilled emotionally and financially, and be the best you can be in body and mind? Then join the team!

Our team is a global family. You will have access to the best leaders and all the support you need. Our team is ready for you. Rediscover Your Sparkle with me, now!

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