About Cim

Cim Bartlett has spent most of her professional life getting the best out of people: she is a communications professional and a qualified life coach. She has worked with parents and teenagers, young mums and people from all walks of life. Following a trip to Antarctica Cim was inspired to start the Re-discover Your Sparkle website.

"My own personal journey really started when I had a kidney transplant 2004. When I recovered from the operation, I really felt like I got my appetite for life back: my Sparkle that had been missing. I realised I had been living my life putting up with things and that what was missing was my Sparkle.” 

In March 2008, Cim went on a small expedition to the Antarctic Peninsula. She used the trip as a way to raise money for the UK charity, The Transplant Trust. Not only did it give the trip real purpose, she saw how it was the springboard to giving another purpose to her life.

"I talked with other women, I realised there are probably women all over the world who aren’t getting what they want out of life. As I talked about the missing Sparkle, I saw it hit home. And more than that, something could be done about it.”