A 5-minute morning practice to start the day feeling really good about yourself

Nia teaches a practice called 'Nia 5-Stages'. It's an exercise practice that involves the whole body and is based on five stages of human development, from embryonic to walking. When you practise theses stages every day, it will help you to improve Flexibility, Agility, Mobility, Strength and Stability. 

Every morning (well, almost every morning...) The first thing I do is to put on my onesie, and get down on the floor in our lounge to do the 5-minute Nia 5-Stages practice. It sets me up for the day. I feel more awake, and it gets my Sparkle going. 

This week I'll finish the classes with 5-minutes of Nia 5-Stages. 


Here is a full version of what a 5-minute Nia 5-Stages morning practice looks like. 

Cim Bartlett