Shimmy your Boobs and Bum for instant energy

Shimmy your boobs and bum is an expression and also a practice that I've been using for some years. To me it represents, fun, aliveness and is a great way to inject a bit of energy and sparkle into your day, whenever you need it.

What I do before I'm going to do something where I feel tense and a bit nervous, I find a spot (in the loo for example) and I shimmy my boobs and bum and I'm on!

If you find it tricky to shimmy, here is a description that might help:

  • Vibrate and shake your shoulders, standing upright, as if you are shaking water off. 
  • Relax your lower jaw, so that the neck and the shoulder girdle muscles naturally relax. This will allow your arms to hang loosely. Make your movement continuous rather than jerky. 

Then add shimmying your bum by:

  • Slightly bending your knees, totally relax your thighs and belly muscles and shake your relaxed bum.

Or check out this video clip. Really look at the beautiful movement of the chest when all three skeletons are shimmying at about 30 seconds.

Cim Bartlett