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  • Vagina: A New Biography
    Vagina: A New Biography
    by Naomi Wolf
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Here is what Nia 5-Stages looks like

Below is a full version of what a 5-minute Nia 5-Stages morning practice looks like.

Nia 5-Stages is an integrative practice based on five stages of human development. When you practice theses stages every day, it will help you to improve Flexibility, Agility, Mobility, Strength and Stability.

Watch out!  I'm in the middle of taking the Nia 5-Stages teacher training which means that you will soon have the opportunity to come to my monthly 5-Stages class(es) to learn how to practice this at home on your own.

I'll keep you posted.

Nia 5-Stages to keep you and your body more relaxed, focused and really feeling good!



Dance to "feel this moment"

Moving and Dancing for someone else who might need a cheering up, will cheer you up as well.

In this clip (1 min. 40s) from "So you think you can Dance Australia", one of the dancers shares about his experience putting on a little routine for the children's cancer ward. "It's not about dancing in a professional way it's about connecting with others". And as the song says, "feel this moment"

You can dance like that too. Yes I know, they are professional dancers but I think you get my drift. When you dance, you can be in the moment.

A wonderful and moving clip what music and movement can do to others.



Dads Dance for Father's Day

This clip from Britain's Got Talent shows a group of dads who love dancing. I saw them on BBC Sunday Breakfast and their lovely spirit makes me smile.

Woooo Hoooooo - Dancing Dads grooving and moving.


How Nia helps you find your true beauty through movement

I see beauty in two different ways, one is artificial, and the other one is true beauty.

Every day we are bombarded in the media with pictures of the so-called perfect beautiful body (and face). Even if a woman or girl looks Photoshop attractive, I can see immediately if she is 'outside her body'. That's not a full picture of a woman, and to me that is artificial beauty.

True natural beauty, is when I see when a woman walking with a relaxed body, certain of how she moves and moving with sensuousness and Sparkle.  She is IN her body. It applies to men too.

Nia gives you true beauty. I seriously mean that. When you practice Nia regularly, you will be more IN you body and therefore move with more freedom and sensuousness.

Inspiring talk by Nia Technique trainer and teacher Lola Manekin.



What's the difference between Nia and Zumba or Aerobics classes?

This is a question that I get now and then and it's a valid question. Firstly let's look at the similarities; Nia is an hour-long class with the aim to exercise and get a workout, to get fit, lose weight (if you want), and improve your health and wellness.

Where Nia is different is that it's a mindful practice, that is to say it works to connect mind and body, so you move in a way that is good for your body, to avoid injuries and here is the biggest difference, you learn to move in a way that helps your body to self-heal.

Mindfulness means it's engaging the whole of you, and because it's not mindlessly repetitive, you're more likely to keep it up.