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  • Vagina: A New Biography
    Vagina: A New Biography
    by Naomi Wolf
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Move in Your Body's Way

Why would you choose Nia Technique, rather than other dance movement fitness classes? 
You should choose Nia if you want to learn to move in a way that IS good and feels good for you and your body!
In Nia we teach you to move to sense pleasure, it you don't sense pleasure but pain, you will learn to change the move to respect your body's limitations in your movement. This is what Nia means by "move in your body's way". 

When you exercise and move in a way that respects your body, your body tells you what's right and what's not. This makes it easier for you to keep up your exercise and improve your health.

Here is a video clip where Debbie Rosas, one of the founders of Nia, explains Nia's benefits for you:


Do you wish you could dare more?

Take a minute and think about all the things that you wished you had said, done or tried over the years, but didn't because something was holding you back, most likely because of lack of confidence. 
It could be something like giving a wedding anniversary toast to your life partner in front of all your friends, or speaking your thoughts in a community meeting (if you dare to speak at all), you manage to mutter a few words and feel that you were useless and didn't make your partner or the cause of matter justice.  
You probably noticed I'm talking about confidence again! And specifically, not having, or thinking you don't have enough.
It is so human to lack confidence, and lacking confidence can really hold you back in life, from things you would love to do, to achieve.
Here is a thing to think about - and to act on, what about feeling that you haven't got the confidence and take actions anyway!

Nia Playshop with Confidence 22 June

Yes, it's time for the Playshop (a playful workshop with some fun) at Cafe Mila in Godalming. 

Here is a perfect opportunity for you if you haven't been to my classes yet - on the 22nd June at 11:30 - 13:00. 

We'll chat a bit, I'll show you some Nia steps and moves and then we are going to dance and move with the focus on building your confidence. It's about the process and effort rather than doing the perfect steps. 

To register, email


Are you a perfectionist?

Did you know that when we (especially women) strive for being and doing things perfectly, we are really setting it up so it's difficult to accomplish things in our life? Why? - because we can never be as perfect as we want to be.

Girls are very often taught to be a "good girl".  When they do things "right" they get praise for being a good girl, so we grow up believing that it's the only way to do things. The effect of this is it becomes hard to be confident when anything, anything you want to do is based on wanting to be a good girl, and having to do things right. Whatever that is...
So if being a perfectionist undermines confidence, something that helps you feel confident is when you get praised for making an effort, daring to do something that you haven't done before, even the smallest thing.
When you dance or move about, do you feel confident? Perhaps you haven't been to a Nia class yet because you don't feel confident dancing? Think about it. Do you think that you are not ready yet (not good enough)? It might apply to any area in your life, not just coming to a Nia class!
So what can you do about it? The first step is to be aware of that this is what you are doing -wanting to be perfect. Instead, focus on the effort you are putting in by doing something that you have been postponing doing. After you had a go, praise yourself for the effort. Don't let perfectionism stop you!

Nia Playshop with Confidence 22 June

Here is a "perfect" (tee hee) opportunity for you if you haven't been to my classes yet - on the 22nd June at 11:30 - 13:00. I will run a Playshop (a playful workshop with some fun) at Cafe Mila in Godalming. 
We'll chat a bit, I'll show you some steps and moves and then we are going to dance and move with the focus on the process and effort rather than doing the perfect steps. 



How is Your Confidence Doing?

Having low confidence is not unusual, especially if you are a woman. What about you? could you do with a bit more confidence?
My experience in life is that I struggled with not having the confidence that I needed to be able to do the things that I wanted, and say the things that I really want to say. 
I lived too much from my head, analyzing what someone might think about me or what someone said to me. There were many things that I didn't do or say because I didn't feel confident. 
Here is the thing that I've learnt, one very important aspect of raising my confidence is to have a little rest from my mind and get more into my body by moving, taking action. 

Doing rather than thinking

I have been reading 'The Confidence Code' by Katty Kay and Claire Shipman. Moving (take action) is Doing is a key message from the book, so far, if you want to raise your confidence. It really resonates with me, even if I haven't yet finished the book. It certainly rings true with the work I have done with Rediscover Your Sparkle. More on this later...

Nothing to do with confidence, but an extraordinary clip of what our planet has created.




How to befriend your criticising Mind

I'm sure that most of us know what it means to have a mind that sometimes (or often) sends us internal criticising thoughts, no matter how much we try to think positive thoughts, or affirmations.
I'm reading "Sane New World", the latest book by author and comedian Ruby Wax, who has struggled with mental health and depression most of her life.
What I find really inspiring is that she has found a way to deal with her condition. If it works for her, it should work for anybody whether or not they have depression. 

Her way of dealing with her mental state is mindfulness: learning to connect with your body when your mind is driving you somewhere you don't want to go. Also, she suggests that we are kind to our thoughts. I would say befriend our thoughts.

I often go on about this, but I think it's vital. As a practice, when you hear your mind criticising, instead of getting lost in its thoughts and feelings, take it as a sign to reconnect to your body.

Put your focus on sensing physical sensations somewhere, for example you feet. This way, instead of being an enemy of your thoughts, you befriend your mind.