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  • Vagina: A New Biography
    Vagina: A New Biography
    by Naomi Wolf
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Break your physical habits to change your everyday

Breaking physical habits will help you to improve your confidence and help you feel better abut yourself. Why? Think about it. If you want change, or want to feel more confident, for example, and never change how you behave and operate in life... nothing is going to change.

To change something in your life - changing a physical habit is an excellent start.

Here is a great practise to change your physical habits: Put a song on and dance and move, paying attention to your movements tendencies. What kind of patterns occur?

Play the song again and then dance to the music, not in rhythm. Observe your movements. Do any new movements occur?

See what physical habits you have in your everyday life. Do something a bit different.


Set your scene for 2016 - Start the day with a dance

I have a solution for what to do to feel more Confident and Sparkly for 2016, and that is to spend a few minutes every morning, or as often as you can,dancing and moving to music, first thing in the morning.

Here is how to do it:

  1. Decide to get up a bit earlier in the morning, even if it's just a few minutes, set the alarm and get UP!
  2. When the alarm set off - there are NO excuses, just get up, put on the music and dance like nobody is watching you.
  3. Wooooo Hooooo!
  4. Here is a song that you might like to start the morning with, dancing away.


How to enjoy Christmas even more

My Christmas wish for you is to have loads of opportunities to dance with joy. We all know that the Christmas holiday can mean we can get a bit in our heads more than in our body. So here's what to do to enjoy Christmas holiday more...

Practice connecting with your body at ANY time during the day, especially when you feel stressed, but actually, at any time during your waking hours. It could be sitting in a chair, watching TV, going for a walk, laying in bed, eating...

So, when you remember, whatever you are doing, bring your attention from your mind to somewhere in your body - your toes, your knee, or shin - anywhere, just for a few seconds. By doing this, you connect with your body and you will find it much easier to relax and enjoy.

This is a wonderful clip with different dancers. I just love how they are so relaxed when they move. 



Message to women - Overwhelmed? You can STOP at any time...

...and re-realise that you are worthy and you can ask for anything that you want.

In this clip of Oprah's interview with the singer and songwriter India.Arie, they have a few really good messages for women. The one that sticks out for me is about 60 seconds into the clip where they talk about 'Just STOP'.

When life seems to be just too much, and you start to feel overwhelmed, use this simple, quick 'Just STOP' technique. I recommend you practice 'Just Stopping' whenever you need to.

Here's how:

Say STOP to yourself out loud or in your mind.

  • Take a breath in and then out and then for 2-4 seconds, listen to your heart beat.
  • Then carry on with your life...and 'Just Stop' when needed.

India.Arie singer and songwriter being interviewed by Oprah, has some messages to women.


Shimmy your Boobs and Bum for instant energy

Shimmy your boobs and bum is an expression and also a practice that I've been using for some years. To me it represents, fun, aliveness and is a great way to inject a bit of energy and sparkle into your day, whenever you need it.

What I do before I'm going to do something where I feel tense and a bit nervous, I find a spot (in the loo for example) and I shimmy my boobs and bum and I'm on!

If you find it tricky to shimmy, here is a description that might help:
  • Vibrate and shake your shoulders, standing upright, as if you are shaking water off. 
  • Relax your lower jaw, so that the neck and the shoulder girdle muscles naturally relax. This will allow your arms to hang loosely. Make your movement continuous rather than jerky. 
Then add shimmying your bum by:
  • Slightly bending your knees, totally relax your thighs and belly muscles and shake your relaxed bum.

Or check out this video clip. Really look at the beautiful movement of the chest when all three skeletons are shimmying at about 30 seconds.