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Books to read
  • Vagina: A New Biography
    Vagina: A New Biography
    by Naomi Wolf
Fabulous Women


Move in Your Natural time: why it's important

Moving in your 'Natural Time' is one of Nia's principles. It's about moving with ease in your own time and in your way, like a fluid dance between your joints, digits and space.

Nia Technique is based on nine movement forms and one of them is Yoga. Here is a video of a Yoga instructor that really shows how to move in your natural time. The voice over says, "If (you are) not comfortable it's going to make everything a whole lot less fun."

If what you are doing is "fun" or pleasurable, it means you're more likely to do something in the long run.

Watch, Move and Enjoy!


Practice Nia from home

Here is an opportunity to practice Nia from. Britta Von Tagen, who is one of my wonderful Nia teachers and trainers, has created and choreographed this routine.

The routine is called Soul2Soul. It is based on her previous routine, Soul, and is filmed outdoors in the beautiful Rocky Mountains landscape.




Movement and Dancing - Your very good health!

You might have heard or read that Dance has been linked to health and healing throughout history and across cultures, or that Dance and Movement improves brain function on a variety of levels.
This clip shows and tells it in a nutshell, especially when 'traditional' medicine can't help.


The Stage is Yours - What would you say?

You are walking onto the stage at an event where people have gathered to listen to different inspirational talks about what it is like to be a human being, or what to do about the planet, life, the universe and everything...

You are the keynote speaker.

This is the moment and a life-time opportunity you have to speak your message, you are the messenger of your message. You've got 30 seconds to speak your message.

What would you say?

If you haven't got an answer yet, that's fine, stay with the question as long as it takes, what would your message be to the world?

What about 10 seconds?




What is dancing really about?

What does the word dancing mean to you? What do you see, feel or think about the word dancing and you?

I'm asking because often, when people ask what I do and I say that I teach something called Nia, an hour movement and dance class to music, the immediate reaction is, "I could never do that, I can't dance", or "I have two left feet" or something like that.

It's such a shame that for some reason many, many people believe that about themselves and are missing out the opportunity of having fun, feeling liberated and getting a really good exercise at the same time!

Practicing Nia is NOT about perfectionism or being scored like on Strictly. It's about the joyful spirit that dancing for the sake of it brings. And on top of that, Nia helps you to be more free in yourself and your body, being more relaxed, feeling more sensuous and liberated, not just on the dance floor but in your day-to-day life as well.

Woooo-ooo to that!

Here is an example of how to use music and movements.